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April 4, 2015

What I Learned during my OTP in Taiwan

This May I will conclude my two year Overseas Training Program (OTP), during which I was assigned to the Asia Region.  Most of my overseas mission experience has taken place in Taiwan, though I was blessed to be able to spend time at the Maryknoll missions in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China as well.  As I prepare to finish up overseas training and return to the States, I look back on my Asia experience with a sense of confidence in the Church and a great appreciation for the work Maryknoll is doing throughout the continent.

February 10, 2015

Meet Maryknoll's new Deacon

Deacon Shaun Crumb, M.M.

Shaun Crumb spent his childhood at Woodlawn Resort and Campground in Glenwood, a fishing resort that his parents have owned and operated for the past 41 years.

His experience of service there helped inspire his journey toward becoming a Maryknoll priest, which will grow one step closer on Dec. 13 when he was ordained a transitional deacon at his home parish, Sacred Heart in Glenwood, MN. “Growing up at the resort was good mission preparation because we were always on call to help people,” Crumb explained. “You have to be really flexible working at a resort and as a missioner, too.”

The Identity of the Priest

The priest is first of all a minister of the Word of God. He is consecrated and sent forth to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom to all, calling every person to the obedience of faith and leading believers to an ever-in-creasing knowledge of and communion in the mystery of God, as revealed and communicated to us in Christ.