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December 7, 2012

You are the Miracle of Christmas

   I am what Jesus is

   because Jesus became what I am.

Christmas came and went
    almost unnoticed.
But after all the running around
    and anxiety about finding it,
There it was
    6 lbs. 8 ounces and growing
    her given name: Milagro (Miracle).

So we almost missed it again...
    but then we found her
    in a poor house
    just like Bethlehem.

Thanks to this miracle
   we looked around and

   found them everywhere
   with muddy feet and bright faces.

I never thought this was really Christmas
    until now I understand Bethlehem.
    It was a real place
    just like right here,
Where the star came to rest
    and a baby was born.

by Brother Marty Shea, M.M.

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