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April 24, 2012

The Mantle: Mission to Poor Children

Brother Candidate Ryan Thibert:
Holy Week 2012
The Mantle, named after our Lady of Guadalupe, is a non-residential program in Chicago which provides sanctuary for neighborhood children and educational opportunities for their parents.

Parents attend free classes in ESL, GED preparation, basic computer classes and other various family enrichment ministries.

Brother candidate Ryan Thibert works at The Mantle as a pastoral agent. In his first year of formation at the Maryknoll Formation house in Chicago, Ryan says the following about his pastoral assignment: “working at The Mantle has been great! I really am glad to be a part of this ministry. This is where my heart is. I so truly enjoy working with these people in my ministry. I can’t wait to go back to help out more. In the past ten months I have made many friends. This is a place where I feel completely at peace and at home with. I enjoy inspiring and guiding young minds to better their potential. I help them by tutoring them with English reading and writing. I also help the children with their math and their other academics studies. I assist them with any other needs that may arise. I am looking forward to continuing and working at The Mantle”.

The Mantle is a service to the Poor and Homeless in the Chicago area. The ministry originates from a belief in the human dignity and individual worth of everyone. It offers a child-initiated After-School Tutoring Program for neighborhood children, plus various activities and services such as family field trips, school supply and clothing drives, Theology of the Body classes for youth, etc.

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