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December 7, 2011

A Christmas poem: No Mistake

So how was your Christmas?

If this is the stable
there must be some mistake
but Bethlehem was no mistake
Jesus is born, the promise of God fulfilled
   in a poor village
   a poor family
   poor folks all around
in a cold and strange place
   hungry, crying
   lots of problems
   escaped massacre

Not all that different from our stable
   poor part of the world
   poor families
   cold especially in the early morning hours
   hungry, kids crying
   all sorts of problems
   living in a relocation camp
   escaped massacres
   (six hundred and seventy-six areas massacred)
   they survived

So we did have a pretty good Christmas
   found the stable
   but it was just that
   lots of problems
   lots of rain, mud
   very cold

But through it all
through the tears we saw the kids
and recognized the place
no mistake, it was Christmas!

by Brother Marty Shea, M.M.

1 comment:

annewalker said...

That's a very beautiful christmas poem. Thanks for sharing.

Merry Christmas ya'll!
Anne Walker
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