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September 1, 2011

A Time for Celebration!

Sem. Tony Lopez's Birthday party
Here in the Chicago Formation Community, time flies pretty quickly. Once we return from our summer breaks, we have just a few short days usually before we begin classes in our various colleges again. And variety is certainly the word, since we attend four different locations throughout the city. Some go to CTU (Catholic Theological Union) for their graduate degrees, while others attend undergrad schools like Loyola, St. Xavier and Harold Washington. On top of these requirements, we also have various ministries that we attend to throughout the city. Some work in hospitals, some in churches, while others also help mentor and tutor young children in their homework.

This variety in our education and ministry leads to great variety in our schedules, making it difficult sometimes to find time to come together as a community, except for prayer and Mass. Time becomes a precious commodity during these fast and furious weeks of the semester. That is what makes the time that we do have together even more important. And what is more important than celebrating the life of a fellow brother on his birthday!

Recently, we had this opportunity to celebrate the life of fellow seminarian Tony Lopez. He was salivating over the idea of sushi, so we went as a community to a local sushi restaurant that serves all you can eat sushi for lunch. The problem, as we quickly found out, is trying to figure out how much to order for a table, since every piece of sushi left over costs an additional $1.00. Apparently, our eyes were bigger than our grumbling stomachs, as the table was still filled with large amounts of sushi after our stomachs had given up. We endured, however, with the missionary spirit, and managed to get down to ten pieces before giving up. Our waitress, who was familiar with the birthday boy, was very kind to us at that point and told us that she would not charge us for the extra amount. We were truly feeling the goodness of the Lord at that point. Lesson learned: ordering enough sushi to feed a table is not as easy as ordering sushi just for yourself!

Sem. Jonathan Hill, M.M.

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