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August 31, 2011

Who, Exactly, Is Called to Mission?

Sem. Jonathan Hill, M.M.
Growing up as a Southern Baptist in the Deep South, every so often a missionary would stop in at our little country church and share with us his story, the story of his work “out there” in the mission fields.  To us kids who had never been far from home, the mission was this glorious place with palm trees and jungles, where savage natives in minimal attire would dance around campfires whooping and hollering, imploring their gods for this or that.  The missioner would then swoop in, tell them about Jesus, and convert them all over time.  He was a man of extraordinary ability, who learned foreign languages and lived in foreign cultures, usually in conditions that we would consider quite extreme.  He had great ability way beyond our own, and had us in awe.  He was our superhero.

August 27, 2011

Evangelical Catholicism - The future leadership of the Church

Pope Benedict XVI at WYD in Madrid
John Allen, NCR contributor, published an excellent article regarding the committed youth at the beginning of the 21 century. In his article he states: "We’re not talking about the broad mass of twenty- and thirty-something Catholics, who are all over the map in terms of beliefs and values. Instead, we’re talking about that inner core of actively practicing young Catholics who are most likely to discern a vocation to the priesthood or religious life, most likely to enroll in graduate programs of theology, and most likely to pursue a career in the church as a lay person -- youth ministers, parish life coordinators, liturgical ministers, diocesan officials, and so on. In that sub-segment of today’s younger Catholic population, there’s an Evangelical energy so thick you can cut it with a knife." Read the complete article:

August 24, 2011

Admit faith is weak, New York archbishop tells young people in Madrid

MADRID (CNS) -- World Youth Day pilgrims got down to business in Madrid Aug. 17 as the first catechesis classes taught by archbishops and bishops were held in locations throughout the city.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan at WYD
Sessions were divided by languages, and pilgrims were encouraged to go to the session closest to their accommodations.

At San Ricardo Church, northwest of the city center, cheers and cries of welcome greeted New York Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan as a group of approximately 350 young people -- mainly from Australia, the United States and Barbados -- caught a first glimpse of their teacher for the day. A clear lover of people, Archbishop Dolan posed for every photo-op, embraced many familiar -- and unfamiliar -- people, and ended up at the front of the church with an Australian baby propped in his arms.

With his catechesis theme gleaned from that of World Youth Day, Archbishop Dolan spoke about faith as a logical gift from God and about what it means to keep that faith firm.

August 23, 2011

L'Osservatore Director's Reflection on World Youth Day

WYD in Madrid
In the middle of the second day of the papal visit – in a Madrid peacefully invaded by an impressive number of boys and girls from every part of the world – Benedict XVI cited Plato in the Basilica of the Escorial, "Seek truth while you are young, for if you do not, it will later escape your grasp" (Parmenides, 135d). The invitation of the philosopher who lived before Christ, in antiquity evoked by Hebrews and Christians to support biblical revelation, sums up well the sense of the presence of the successor of Peter at World Youth Day. 

August 22, 2011

Pope to WYD Seminarians: "We Have to be Saints"



Your Eminence the Archbishop of Madrid, Dear Brother Bishops, Dear Priests and Religious, Dear Rectors and Formators, Dear Seminarians,

Dear Friends,

Seminarians at WYD
I am very pleased to celebrate Holy Mass with you who aspire to be Christ’s priests for the service of the Church and of man, and I thank you for the kind words with which you welcomed me. Today, this holy cathedral church of Santa MarĂ­a La Real de la Almudena is like a great Upper Room, where the Lord greatly desires to celebrate the Passover with you who wish one day to preside in his name at the mysteries of salvation. Looking at you, I again see proof of how Christ continues to call young disciples and to make them his apostles, thus keeping alive the mission of the Church and the offer of the Gospel to the world. As seminarians you are on the path towards a sacred goal: to continue the mission which Christ received from the Father. Called by him, you have followed his voice and, attracted by his loving gaze, you now advance towards the sacred ministry. Fix your eyes upon him who through his incarnation is the supreme revelation of God to the world and who through his resurrection faithfully fulfills his promise. Give thanks to him for this sign of favour in which he holds each one of you.

August 20, 2011


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Ten Maryknoll Candidates finished their opening retreat. The retreat was held in Conneticut. After the retreat they were presented to the Maryknoll community at Maryknoll, NY. They will be starting studies and Formation in Chicago beginning on August 22, 2011